Breaking the Ice on Innovation in Large Organizations

🗓 Friday, Oct 9th
🕚 11am EDT

Every company struggles with – "What problem are we trying to solve?" Frankly, it doesn’t matter what YOU know, it matters what YOUR organization can DO to successfully innovate to address its challenges. To do this YOU must identify problems and pull together new ideas to solve them within real-world constraints and YOUR organization’s unique context (culture).

Join Tom Anderson, Change Agent at a 135-year-old utility company, and George White, Chief Innovation Officer at Cantina Consulting, as they discuss breaking the ice on innovation in large organizations. In this webinar, they will explore:

  • Why the solution is right under your nose if you just listen to your people.

  • Why it’s important to beware of experts as they sometimes love their tools and models more than your results.

  • Why alignment must be done at the problem stage, not the solution stage.

This Coffee Chat will include open Q&A following Tom and George’s discussion — they look forward to hearing from you!

Webinar will be recorded if you are unable to attend.

Your Speakers



Tom Anderson

Senior Advisor, Southern California Edison

Tom is a Project Manager at a 135-year-old electric utility, where he drives front-line change through his X-Change Program (employee-development-meets-innovation lab). He was the CEO at Real Work Business Results Inc., a resulting (not consulting) company some years back, where he helped organizations like NASA and AIG Insurance reframe their problems into solutions that soar. Tom attributes his successes to the grit earned through the school of hard knocks and to inspiration found in reading great authors, whom he calls “life-changers.” Some of his words of advice: Corporate Problems are much more inviting than Corporate Goals; solutions are right under your nose (you just need to stop talking and listen to your people).


George White

Chief Innovation Officer

George is the Chief Innovation Officer at Cantina where he is responsible for guiding the company’s innovation efforts as well as working with clients on building game-changing products. George spent most of the last 25 years working to make technology and design that matters. To accomplish this, he wears many hats. As a developer and a designer, he leads teams through complex and sometimes challenging projects, and acts as a resource for Cantina’s clients. His primary role is to support the efforts of others, sharing his experience and knowledge in the hopes that we can all continue to do exciting and amazing work.

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