Friday, Sept. 25th
11am EDT

Communicating with Customers in a Time of Significant Uncertainty

Webinar will be recorded if you can't make it.
Episode Description: 

With COVID-19, brands that have traditionally relied on a multi-channel communication plan are suddenly finding themselves armed primarily with their digital channels. Meanwhile, the stress and anxiety of the pandemic and the current social moment are affecting the information customers are looking for.

Join Dawn Bovasso, seasoned Content Strategist, and Pavithra Counsell, Principal Designer and Content Strategist at Cantina Consulting, as they discuss content strategy and building stronger relationships between brands and their consumers. In this webinar, they will explore:

  • Optimal communication strategies in uncertain times
  • The power of empathy in communicating with customers
  • Inclusive content strategy in the time of #BLM, #MeToo, and others

You may submit questions during the webinar—Dawn and Pavithra look forward to hearing from you!

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Content Strategist

Dawn has spent much of her career leading content strategy at agencies. She is a former VP/Group Creative Director for Digitas, and she has also worked at Sapient and Razorfish. She is currently working in-house as Director of Content Strategy at a major investment firm. Her impressive portfolio includes leading content strategy for brands such as CVS, Dunkin' Donuts, GM, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and several large financial institutions. Additionally, Dawn has a Ph.D. in UX design (focusing on early adoption theory and digital content) and three separate master's degrees in graphic design, information management, and English. 



Principal Designer and Content Strategist at Cantina

As a Principal Designer and Content Strategist at Cantina, Pavithra brings over a decade of experience in a variety of roles spanning several industries (retail, health & wellness, finance, robotics, and aerospace) where human-centered design, UX and content strategy have become increasingly vital to securing customer loyalty.

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